The Obsidian Divide series is a alternate-history fantasy set to debut in Fall 2018.

A fan of reluctant heroes, ecopunk, magic, and mystery? This just might be a series for you…


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Fairian barely remembers a time when she wasn’t hunting magic. She’s been looking for answers with an intensity that scares most people. It’s set her on a path she won’t be able to escape, partnering with a being she could never have imagined.

But first…

Want to know how she got there?


The Prequel — PRIDEM: “Before”

Fairian Leynthall is a debutante who’s family is rising to the top. Intelligent, charming, compassionate — the Leynthalls are quickly making a name for themselves as the family to know, in a post-environmental-collapse world on the brink of recovery.

Which is why Fairian spends most of her time pretending she’s normal. The bizarre things that happen to her during the full moon, the feelings she gets from the people around her — if she can’t keep it all to herself, she’ll tear her family from the height they so painstakingly rose to.

She escapes into her love of history and her grandmother’s fairy tales — passions that her mother highly opposes. Fairian thinks it’s only fear of her “weirdness” or societal scorn that makes her mother so disapproving.

Then a charming stranger starts to give Fairian the attention and acceptance she’s always craved. She trusts him, she believes in him…

And in doing so, rips open a whole new world. She’s not the only one hiding secrets — her secrets are paltry in comparison. With a reckless choice on a fateful night, she destroys her world and sets herself on a path riddled in death and danger.

It’s going to alter everything she knows. It’s even going to alter society itself.

PRIDEM is set to debut in 2018. The prequel to the forthcoming OBSIDIAN DIVIDE series, it sets the stage for an epic journey filled with magic, politics, fierce love, and loyalty, following Fairian Leynthall as she carves a place for herself in a world filled with danger of all kinds. 


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