Being Published: Behind the Scenes

This is my masterlist of posts about my own publishing journey. I knew the moment I decided to publish that I wanted to share as much as I could about this whole process, what it entails, my reactions and feelings — all in the hopes that it could help someone relate or give information on this process. There’s a lot of mystery involved in publishing, and my hope is that I can shed some light with my personal experience.

In an effort to be organized, the blog series is called “Published: Behind the scenes.” Needless to say, this is going to be a LONG series. It will most likely cover a broad variety of topics:

  • developmental editing
  • copyediting
  • structural editing
  • stylistic editing
  • (repeat: editing, Editing, EDITING)
  • marketing
  • branding
  • author platforms
  • book launching
  • debuting terrors
  • handling criticism
  • improving as a writer

Some of it will be diary-like. Some of it may be more technical. And I’m sure that my experience is going to differ from others’ experiences.

In later 2016, I sold my debut to small publisher called Glass House Press. At the time, they were focused on publishing intense, high-quality literature, and I loved their vision.

Here are all the posts I’ve written detailing that experience:

January 2017 (Social media-ing)

February 2017 (My debut into developmental editing)

March 2017 (Mostly a diary entry… writing a prequel!)

April 2017 (More on writing the prequel — and a sneak peak!)

May 2017 (And June and July — hey I was busy. Also, I discuss “Contract” writing vs. “Free” writing)

August 2017 (Update! And the beginnings of cover art…)

October 2017 (Pallet cleansers in writing, and thinking more on marketing…)

June 2018 (Updates, writer self-esteem, and changing perspectives)

An End… and a Beginning (Writing journeys are not always straight and here is where I’m delving off into the unknown)

Ultimately, Glass House and I amicably split ways, but there are gems of knowledge to take from the experience.

Then I challenged myself to make the manuscript even better using the skills I had learned in the meantime. That turned out to be a long and unexpectedly insightful process, as I realized how much I’d grown as a writer and continue to push myself further (If you’re interested in reading about that journey, you can start here).

And now the adventure continues.

Comments? Questions? Feel free to ask and share anything you find interesting!

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