Twisting Writing Journeys

It is with a bittersweet heart that I announce PRIDEM and the Obsidian Divide series will no longer be released by Glass House Press.

After three great educational years working together we have decided to go our separate ways. Glass House Press has shifted gears — I absolutely wish them the best of luck in their endeavors! — and I ultimately decided that I needed more time and attention than they could provide. I have learned a lot under their mentor-ship and am eager to flex my new skills.

So! I am back to staring at the query trenches, my friends. It’s definitely not where I thought I’d be as we near the end of 2018, but I’m shockingly optimistic. The “it wasn’t meant to be” platitude can be annoying, but I’m feeling it a lot lately to be honest. I’m really looking forward to the next adventure in my writing journey.

So, what’s next?

After three years I’ve grown a lot as a writer and a craftsman, so I’m going to spend the next couple months in deep revisions for INITIUM. My aim is to have it done by the end of this year and start querying again early 2019.

Then, who knows?

Meanwhile, I’m hoping to focus a lot more on blogging again. I know I’ve been slacking a ton in that department this year — it’s been a strange ride this most of 2018! You’re still going to see debut author interview posts from my lovely authors18 comrades, so expect that still.

Alright, I’m off to my non-writer day job which I’ll spend itching to get home and write. Till next we speak, wishes of joy and success to you all!

About R. K. Brainerd

I've been writing since my pre-teens, mostly in the realm of fantasy and sci-fi. Taking interesting concepts and dropping complex characters into fantastical worlds is my jam. I also raise dairy goats and herd cats, the evidence of which can be found on my Instagram. Welcome to the adventure. View all posts by R. K. Brainerd

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