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Twitter Pitching Contests: #SFFpit

Last Thursday I participated in another Twitter pitching contest: #SFFpit. This one was focused on Science Fiction and Fantasy. It was smaller, and you could tell by the level of participation from the agent/publisher end. I feel like barely anyone received “favorites,” though there were a lot of pitchers, and publishers asking to submit to them anyway.┬áI received a few likes; we’ll see how they pan out.

I was sick most of the day so I wasn’t able to watch the feed for interesting pitches as much as I did for #PitMad, but I still found some really neat ideas and writers.

Now I’m finding myself thinking of ideas in log-lines … “How can I mash up two ideas that don’t seem to go together?” It’s entertaining. And probably will be helpful in the future for┬áinterpreting the core thrust of my story and writing in that fashion.

Did anyone else participate? Thoughts, ideas? Are you engaging in other writer-y activities and finding yourself thinking in different ways?