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Query Help!

I need your help. Yes, you, the one scrolling past my post. No, I’m not asking for money. I need your opinion. Your honest opinion.

Below is my query letter. If you don’t know what is query letter is, it’s a short, engaging clip that outlines your novel and hopefully captures the attention of an (agent/publisher/whatever). It’s been likened to the blurb on the back of a book that gets a reader’s attention.

I would like your opinion on whether this query sounds interesting, or would be something you would read. I’ve spent a lot of time studying Query Shark‘s advice and rules, and cut things even when it hurt, hoping to make a better query. In the end, only one rule remains: does is capture your attention. (If it’s not your genre – well then I guess I’ve struck out immediately. Tell me that too!)


Since the death of her sister by magical means, Fairian has devoted her life to finding answers. But answers are hard to come by when everyone ignores anything even remotely resembling the word magic. With everything from Parliament re-writing history to her mother breathing down her neck with the slightest infraction of propriety, investigation is just a mite difficult.

Luckily for Fairian, the new city she moved to happens to have someone who can answer her questions. Unfortunately, he wants nothing to do with her and refuses her entrance into his dangerous and subversive world. That might have something to do with the fact that he’s the biggest mystery of all.

Nothing is going to end up quite like Fairian expects. Her obstinate search for answers is going to attract the very wrong kind of attention, both magical and human. It’s going to take all of her cleverness and all of his inhumane power to get her through this alive.

Of course, there are things worse than death. And here, they’re everywhere.

Written from Fairian’s perspective, INITIUM is a completed 120,000 word Steampunk.


Thoughts? Questions? Criticisms? Please?

Calling all Writers

This week is going to be the last editing week. I swear to god, if I don’t stop myself from editing at some point I’m never going to do anything with my life. Okay, sure it’s Wednesday so my week is half over – but I’m going to be done by this weekend! I have to stop editing and start querying!

Speaking of query letters. If I were to post my query on here, would any of you read it and maybe even give me a sentence or two of your thoughts? I’ve studied Query Shark like a stalker and am going to submit on the off chance I’ve done something wrong enough or right enough to get a response, but I would also like all of your ideas.

What do you think?

(P.S. If you don’t know who Query Shark is, ohmygod click on the link and find out. She is probably be the best advice and guidance about query letters out there.)