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[I Am] Untitled: Cliffs

Welcome to my UNTITLED series, where I get overly personal, melodramatic, and attempt to rage my way into self growth.

I’m forcing myself into publishing this post, because I promised myself I would. That being said, I pretty much want to panic-delete everything I’ve written as this feels incredibly self-centered and overdramatic when there are real issues and problems in the world. But anyway. Here we go.

I want to jump off a cliff and smash myself into a different shape.

I’m starting to understand all those books like where someone decides to blow up their entire life and buy a one way ticket to literally anywhere. I feel like I’m going to come out of my skin, and for fuck’s sake, my life is fine. I even like parts of my life and my self.

I’m privileged. I have a great partner and parents. I’m thoughtful. I’m compassionate. I’m not as smart as I’d like and I wish my memory didn’t suck and

Okay, we’re getting into negatives again. I’m doing the avoiding negatives thing. *clears throat *

I had a further rant about adventure and wanting to travel (which is true, mind you) but I think there’s an underlying problem that’s more poignant: I think I want to jump off a cliff because I’m too good at making Safe Decisions. I listen when the world tells me to accept reality and learn to dream smaller. Being Safe is my default; I adapt to make myself and everyone around me the most comfortable. It’s not just a habit at this point, but a compulsion. And I think it’s slowly suffocating me.

My hope is that I don’t actually have to jump off a cliff or blow up my life to figure out how to change. (I think my partner would definitely appreciate that, and I’d rather hang on to him.) In this sense, something came up in conversation the other day that I think I can use, for my maybe-or-maybe-not cliff-jumping. The concept was:

Extroverts find adventure through people. Introverts find adventure through ideas.

I don’t know if this is wholly accurate, and honestly it doesn’t matter, because this has been stuck in my head, and this is my self-journey, damn it, I’ll discard it later if I don’t like it. Plus, this is my big Fuck You to the seeming-endless paralysis inside of me. I’ve got to start somewhere, to somehow figure out this screaming restless, so I can actually do something productive.

So. We’re going to start with: Introverts find adventure through ideas.

I’ve always been a kid who wanted to do Great Big Things, and none of what I’m doing feels big or great or even working towards that. This is not to say that I don’t take pleasure in simple things. Or that somehow it’s bad if someone isn’t “reaching for the stars.” Honestly, I have a sneaking suspicion more goddamn walks in nature might ease some of my issues. But there’s just… there’s this restless mania that I have to channel into something, and it’s not going to be “being good at office work.”

Sidebar: Maybe all of this is the dying throes of my childhood self, learning that I really can’t just save the world because I want to. Maybe I’m just a tiny, insignificant cog in the wheel of capitalist civilization, the loneliest society there is. But I think that reality might kill me.

What’s the phrase? Keep writing so reality does not destroy you?

Anyway. Let’s get back to finding adventure through living by ideas.

I want to try to break this down into something digestible, something I can try to utilize (since I am trying to make changes and not just complain my life away). I tend to overthink everything to the point of paralysis, and as mentioned in my previous post, have completely forgotten how to believe or trust in myself, so I’m really going to try not to overthink this. I am giving myself permission not to know all the answers right now.

So, I’m going to list ideas (or ideals) that I think are my core being that I actually like (or if we’re being pessimistic, three ideas that I want to represent and grow in myself) which I can use as a driving force. Then I can start to set goals or steps or I don’t even know, to try to create some sort of purposefulness in myself.

This has been noodling around in my brain somewhat, so this was actually easier than I thought to come up with some things that felt true. Despite the fact that even as I write this I’m doubting everything and I’m doing this wrong and what do I even

Hooo-kay, here we go.

Idea Numero Uno:

At the end of my life I want to be leaving something that will benefit those who come after me. In a way that’s healing, joyful, constructive.

Idea Numero Dos: (I don’t know why I’m writing in Spanglish)

Western Civilization has the notion that humanity is somehow separate and disconnected from our local and global ecosystem. Our environment has been showing us otherwise. I want to take responsibility for my place in the ecosystem.

(That means… well, it means a lot of huge things, which touch on environmentalism, sociology, politics, racism and socioeconomic issues — just to name a few. Not going to get into all of this here.)

Idea Number Three:

Never stop learning. I think stagnation — mental and otherwise — comes from a lack of learning. Knowledge can give the world. It keeps you humble and curious and alive.

Sooo. Yeah. We’ll start there, with those three. Those three big, giant… I have no idea what to do with them now… concepts. And I am absolutely not being overwhelmed, or spiraling into ‘what does this even mean,’ or wondering how this could even help me turn myself into a being that I can appreciate.

Now I just need to think on how I’m going to break up these big ideas into little goals I can actually enact. And then… somehow make myself do them. I will start working through that in an upcoming post. Meanwhile, I’m going to stare at the ceiling a while to see where it gets me.

Also, my brain has been barfing up other frustrations and randomness, all of which I’ll go into, because, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am learning to acknowledge and respect all my thoughts and feelings again, and this is how I’m doing it. By vomiting up them all in public.

Haaaaa, I’m doing it anyway, because I’m not letting myself be paralyzed by things like fear and how self-centered this is and if anyone is actually listening and the right way to run an online presence and —

Yup. Time to sign off.

Till next week everyone. Stay safe, practice compassion, do something daring.

Damn it, Brain: Help

I’m going along, minding my own writer-y business, and then my brain pops up with a nearly fully-formed idea to throw at me just in time for National Novel Writing Month. Now I have a dilemma.

I HAVE. TOO MANY. IDEAS. illustrated by Pyon Dattebayo

illustrated by Pyon Dattebayo

My plan was to continue on my WIP – the second book in the series I’ve been working on for a while (the first book of which is currently in the hands of people who might be interested). It’s about 2/3 of the way done, and my sister (my world’s biggest fan) nags me almost daily about sending her the latest part. I think it would be good practice for me to push myself with a project I’m currently working on, versus a brand new one.

Last year I completely switched gears and dusted off an old story idea that had been sitting there and doing nothing, and gave it a few twists to make things more interesting. Writing from a male perspective, for example. I learned several things about myself as a writer. But now I’m nervous that I was able to do what I did because it was a (basically) brand new story. I didn’t have 47k words already invested, and several complicated points from the previous book of which I needed to keep track. I wasn’t worried about screwing it up.

The point being: I thought it would be a really good experience to continue with my WIP and see what new things I discovered about myself as a writer (plus, finishing Book 2).

But now I have a brand spanking new idea that is demanding my attention. While this isn’t uncommon for my brain to spout things off randomly, this one is just conveniently in time for NaNoWriMo. And it’s COOL. And, it has a plot line that’s already unraveling at a startling rate.

So I’ll throw it out to all my WordPress blogging writer friends. On a logical level, what do you think: continue my WIP and discover how I behave under pressure with a story I’m more invested in, or take a creative break and work on something new and fun to refresh the creative juices?

To add, here are the rough snapshots of both:


Book 2 of my society set in a land where the environmental collapsed centuries ago, the civil rights have yet to occur, and magic runs rampant:

In the pervious book, Fairian was on a quest to discover the secrets of magic after supernatural creatures killed her sister – and stumbled upon something much bigger than she imagined. Now, in the crosshairs of any creature looking to find power due to her connection to the most powerful being on the planet, she’s involved in assassination plots, kidnapping schemes, and general saving of gentlemen and damsels in distress. That is, if her superhero adventures would stop being interrupted by courtly life and her mother’s attempts to marry her off.


After her parent’s death in a car crash, Sadie uproots her life to move in with her grandfather, a world-famous and eccentric fashion designer… who also owns one of the biggest playboy mansions on the West Coast. Thrust straight into the cutthroat world of fashion, her grandfather’s wicked sense of humor, and the rabid attention of media and design critics, dealing with grief becomes the last thing on her mind. Yet being distracted by the flashy world of fashion – and the devilishly handsome Austin, who takes more than a business interest in her – may be exactly what Sadie needs.

When life kicks you in the teeth, what else can you do but revel in the insanity of being human?

THERE. Those are my choices. I refuse to add more.

(Though I might freak out at the last second and think I should work on something else, like several other awesome ideas I have but haven’t worked on. Last NaNoWriMo I decided THE DAY BEFORE to participate, so there wasn’t much time for waffling)



Who else is really excited for the upcoming NaNoWriMo? What are you going to work on? Are you having problems making a decision on a story/plot/character name?