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Comments on #PitMad?

Hey everyone! Who all participated in #PitMad (or watched the craziness of the twitter feed), and what happened? Any neat ideas you saw? Any exciting ‘favorites’ you had? Any friends made?

I rather liked it. Besides being another way to capture the attention of agents, it was a fun way of seeing what else is out there. Of course, like anything else, there was the risk of getting lost in the flood. But overall I had a positive and fun experience. And I got a few exciting favorites!

What did you think?

Who all is participating in #PitMad tomorrow?

I didn’t really know what #PitMad was until a few months ago. I’d seen the phrase on twitter and such, but I hadn’t given it much attention. Apparently, it’s like a huge thing – people have had successes getting agents from it and everything.

If you don’t know what #PitMad is, it’s like querying. On Twitter. With only with 140 characters. And everyone sees it. Because query letters aren’t hard enough, right?

This post from Brenda Drake has all the details and guidelines. I get the impression she started the thing. Or maybe just knows a lot about it. One or the other.

Anyway, I have my three 140 character posts about my completed novel finished and ready to go! I’m very intrigued to see what will happen.

(It starts East Coast Time, and I can’t decide if I want to wake up early for half a minute and tweet to keep up with the time zone, or just stick with tweeting with my own time zone…)

Anyone else participating?? Is it your first time, or have you done this before? Any tips for a newbie?