The Moon on January 31st

The Moon.png

Did you know, that on the 31st of this month, the moon will be full, a blue moon, a supermoon (when the moon is closest to the earth all year), AND a lunar eclipse?

Astronomy has always been pretty fascinating to me (I even took a year of it in college), and occurrences like these always bring a sparkle of excitement. Even if it’s happened a million times before, even if it’s really not that special (as it was with the solar eclipse — holy lord that was heart-stopping), it still makes me stop in wonder.

WELL. Fellow Glass House Press author KristaLyn A. Vetovich and I were discussing this the other day, and she joked that ‘January 31st just needs to calm down,’ which made me grin and remark that it would make a good story… and our imaginations were sparked.

We decided to write a story around a moon with too much going on, and what that could mean (in our overactive writer-brains). Furthermore, we decided to try out a story-swap: KristaLyn is going to start, and on alternating weeks during January, each of us is going to add to the story until the conclusion, posted on the 31st itself. We’ll each write our own conclusion, giving two alternate endings, just for fun.

So, without further ado, head over to KristaLyn’s blog and read the first segment that she just posted! (And feel free to subscribe to her blog while you’re there, she’s pretty great.)


I hope everyone’s first few days of January are going well. On Monday I’ll have the first of my 2018 debut author interviews going live… so I’ll be chatting with you all soon. ❤ 

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