Completing Camp NaNoWriMo


Camp NaNoWriMo technically isn’t over yet, but I set a low word count goal (as I was working on a novella) so I completed it with time to spare.

Unlike with NaNoWriMo and it’s pressure for a 50k goal, I don’t feel there were as many lessons learned. Probably because I had time to play and take breaks and fiddle around. The less pressure was nice, and I enjoyed keeping track of word counts. It helped keeps me motivated and I like seeing my progress; I think I want to find a program where I can input word counts year round. It seems like a helpful tool to keep me motivated/pay attention to much I’m writing every day.

Completing my first shorter-but-still-long writing task was pretty neat. I really like how the novella turned out, with a longer story that’s still simple (and completed within a month). It’s actually not going to fit into the original writing contest I had planned (because of the word count) so I’m going to try for another publication. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll take a hack-saw to the story and see if I can cut it down enough for the original publication idea.

Of course, I’ll be needing to let it sit for a while and do some editing. I sent it off to my sister after it was completed, who always has incredible responses along the lines of “OMG THAT WAS MAGICAL SEND ME MORE NOW NOW,” so that was encouraging. I’m going to get a few beta-readers for this thing as well to try to make it (more) perfect.

Otherwise… it was a fine April. I liked it overall and I’ll be doing it again next year (maybe with a bigger goal, depending on my needs at the time). Until then — novella completed, and it’s probably time to return to writing my series!

How has everyone else’s Camp NaNoWriMo been?

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