Randomness is Awesome: Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award


I was nominated by Jenna Brownson to take part in this “siblinghood of the world blogger award.”

So, basically, I answer ten questions, and pass it on by asking ten other bloggers ten original questions. (Jenna decided to move to five questions and five bloggers instead of the ambitious ten)

Jenna’s answers to the questions she was posed can be seen here: Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award

Here is what Jenna asked me:

  • What was the best book you were ever told you “had to” read, i.e., assigned for school reading?

Okay, so I was never ‘required’ to read a lot of literature that most people were, as I was homeschooled in Middle School and then jumped to community college after that because I had a high opinion of myself didn’t like high school much. I did take Celtic Myth, and those books I “had” to read were pretty dang awesome. However, the first book that jumps to mind — sorry, I’m going to go non-fiction on everyone — is A Short History of Progress by Ronald Wright.

  • You blog. Do you write other than your blog? If so, what do you write?

Oh yes. Oh, very much yes. I actually started blogging because of the whole ‘you need an author platform in order to get published’ thing. Now I do it because it’s fun and I love talking with you all, but anyway. Besides blogging here, and about goats on my other blog, I write alternate-history fantasy. I also have a bunch of other half-finished fantasy/sci-fi stories running around.

  • How do you take your coffee? If you don’t drink coffee, how can you consider yourself a serious writer?

HEY. What if the serious writer likes tea instead!? …

But no seriously, I drink coffee. Not all the time however, because I’m super sensitive to caffein and I’ll start getting shaky and misspelling words. It’s a little bizarre. Anyway, I take it with both milk and sugar if I’ve got it… my coworker brings in this amazing Coconut creamer stuff that I’ve recently been addicted to.

  • What’s your day job? What education/training did you have in order to get said “day job”?

Ha, I’m a post-grad with only some experience. My day job consists of applying to jobs and interning in order to get said experience to actually be able to be paid for real. My education is in Political Science/Economics, but I’m working as a Grant Writer for an arts and design non-profit after an intensive grant writing seminar I took right after college. That seems to be the way my career will be starting.

SOMETHING having to do with writing, of course.

  • What do you do for exercise?

Besides hiking up the blasted hill every morning and evening to go do the goat chores? Well, I work on a farm. But I suppose that’s not ‘regular’ exercise. I also try to go running a few times a week, but it depends on, you know, life, if I actually manage to make it happen.

There you go! Those are the ones about me.


And here are the questions I’m going to ask. (Am I going to be ambitious and shoot for the original ten questions and nominations? Yikes, I think I am.) Here goes:

  1. When did you start writing?
  2. Similarly, when did you start writing with the intention to publish/share your writing?
  3. Do you have/had any weird pets?
  4. What’s your favorite animal?
  5. What element in your writing are you working on improving?
  6. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
  7. What’s the weirdest place you’ve written?
  8. What’s your favorite food?
  9. What’s the last thing you needed to research for your writing?
  10. If you could, what advice would you give to yourself when you first started writing?


Nicole Evans, blogging at Thoughts Stained With Ink

Herminia Chow, blogging at Aspiring Writer 22

Arpita Pramanick, blogging at Scribbles@Arpita

CS Knotts, blogging at Athling 2001

Lucy, blogging at Blonde Write More

Sue Bahr, blogging here (I know she’s got her other website now but if she feels like doing something on her old one)

Todd Louis, blogging here

Danielle, blogging at Queen of Blank

Fionn Grant, blogging at Lion Around Writing

Emily Arden, blogging here

About R. K. Brainerd

I've been writing since my pre-teens, mostly in the realm of fantasy and sci-fi. Taking interesting concepts and dropping complex characters into fantastical worlds is my jam. I also raise dairy goats and herd cats, the evidence of which can be found on my Instagram. Welcome to the adventure. View all posts by R. K. Brainerd

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