Tips for Writing About Forests

Good thoughts for authors needing to write about forests!

Write for the King

Three Things Writers Tend to Get Wrong: Forests, Fainting, and Hunting

(Please note that this post has been revised as of 10/12/2015)

Forests appear in many fictional and nonfictional novels. If you are writing about a non-fictional forest, I would highly suggest that you research that specific forest for your novel. If you are writing about a fictional forest, then it might be a good idea to base it off of a real fictional forest. However, as a writer myself, I understand that research is time consuming and really distracting. So I have gathered, for you, a few tips for writing about forests from my own experience.

Six Tips for Writing About Forests

Here are six tips for writing about forests:

  1. Trails: Forests, without heavy human traffic, will not have a trail which leads exactly where the character needs to go. If people do not visit the forest on a consistent basis (as…

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