I’ve been having the craziest, vivid dreams lately. It’s probably a result of not creating new writing as of late (life, ya know, and then when I have time I’ve been working on editing/querying/synopsis tasks), which is what usually brings on the crazy dreams. The latest ones involve a coherent storyline with stereo surround sound and full color. A few nights ago I actually woke myself up in order to write it down because I didn’t want to forget.

I’m not sure if it’s because of a class I attended at the Willamette Writers Conference, but they seem even more coherent and meaningful… or maybe I’m just paying more attention. The themes seem more obvious and the characters more developed, instead of just place holders or stereotypes. It’s odd.

Needless to say, I don’t feel very restful when I wake up. Though my brain telling me stories as I sleep is rather neat.

Does anyone else get these vivid, often coherent dreams that keep you company all night?

About R. K. Brainerd

I've been writing since my pre-teens, mostly in the realm of fantasy and sci-fi. My characters are pretty much always clamoring for attention, and if I don't listen, they plague me with insane dreams and nightmares until I start writing. I also raise dairy goats, the evidence of which can be found on my Instagram. My debut novel -- an alternate-history fantasy -- it set to come out in 2018, probably Fall time. Welcome to the adventure. View all posts by R. K. Brainerd

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