Can you hear writing advice through white noise

This is what I tend to think… which makes things so much more frustrating.

Terry Nelson's Quill

Giving advice about anything is both free and cheap. And in today’s e-world filled with e-books from new writers, even ones with a few books on Amazon, such as this writer, we are bombarded with advice. It comes through Twitter, it comes through blogs, it comes through magazines, it even comes from my cat meowing about advice columns in her liter box (she is an avid reader).

The question of course is how to listen through the jibber-jabber of white noise. It is not that there is too much advice, but that for every well intentioned suggestion there is another person with a well balanced counterpoint.

Tweet about your book. You can get thousands of followers from those who can make that promise and you have all those followers as potential customers. But as a well established writer, one who sells tons of e-books said, “When is the last time…

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