This Fallow Ground

This is a good point to keep in mind! I find myself doing my best story plotting and character development doing things besides writing.

Catching Fireflies

Recently, I read an article over on WriterUnboxed about the importance of doing nothing. The author, Robin LaFevers, talked about how many times writers may look like they aren’t doing much of anything. Yet, they are subconsciously working out the plot or character arc of their next book. She stressed that these times of apparent inactivity are important to the creative mind and they are not truly inactive. Our brains are busy busy busy getting us ready to actually write. She urges us to give ourselves permission to stare at the wall and let this process happen.

I agree 100%. Sometimes we have to just let those ideas percolate. Even famous and prolific authors like Stephen King or Danielle Steele can’t write 24/7. They need to let the brain rest and recharge.

That is where I am going to take staring at the wall one step further. I think it…

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