Love Triangles: [Insert That Overused Line From A Robert Frost Poem]

This is an excellent, excellent post that has some great points.

The Book Wars

Whether you genuinely enjoy them, are entirely repulsed by them, or enjoy being repulsed by them(?), it seems to me that love triangles are (and will continue to be) a staple of YA literature.


I’ve been thinking about this trope since it was recently pointed out to me that even if you took away the neat, “romantic” ending from Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay, the story is still about a violent, dystopian regime that is upturned by a revolution*. Plus, I recently wrote a whole thing about the Bad Boy/Bad Girl trope in YA lit, so I think this post ties in rather neatly.

I would like to believe that love triangles arose from a well-intentioned past. That someone– after too many rewatches of Disney’s Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, feeling awful that these young (painfully innocent) girls married the first eligible boy they ever encountered– decided that their girl would learn and grow before making…

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